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Industry-grade Powered Access Solutions & MEWP Hire

For those in sectors like warehousing and distribution, maintenance, high-level cleaning, and electrical installation, MEWPs are essential tools. Whenever work needs to be performed at a great height, you will need a trustworthy and reliable MEWP to do the job safely.

What is a MEWP?

MEWPs (AKA Powered Access Hire) are specifically designed to lift people to work platforms to perform tasks before returning to the starting position. It’s important to remember that these baskets are not meant for people to move from one level to another or for people to exit the basket at a height. 

We came a long way from the ropes, ladders, and ramps in the Pyramid ages. Though they’re still practical in some cases, Lakeside-Hire is a 2021 Platinum Service Award Winner that offers more efficient tools known as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP).

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right MEWP for a Project

Who is using the equipment?

Knowing how many people need to be on the platform at the same time will help you determine the size of the basket on the machine. Don’t forget to check the training levels of your operators before beginning any work!

What are you lifting?

To avoid exceeding the lift capacity of the machine, it is crucial to estimate the load to be lifted. Materials, tools, and operators are all included in this calculation. If your estimations indicate some heavy lifting will occur, don’t be afraid to invest a little more for a more heavy-duty machine. 

How high do you need to work/reach?

A working height is another important selection criterion for MEWPs. See how far the machine can extend horizontally and how tall it is vertically in its working envelope.

Where will the equipment be used?

When choosing the right MEWP, it is important to consider the location and ground conditions. Model selection and power source selection are affected by whether the work is indoors or outdoors. Work areas must also be accessible: some jobsites have fixed obstacles on the ground or in the air, which require specialised machinery. To choose the best equipment, you should also consider any restrictions, such as emission or noise levels.

When will the equipment be needed?

The serviceability of the machine is affected by the required period. You need to take into consideration maintenance needs, recharge or onsite refuel capabilities for a long-term need.

Powered Access Hire Products

Within our powered access section, you can find a wide range of products, including several different types of boom lifts, scissor lifts, and trailer mount booms. Get a quick introduction to each of our MEWP hire products and see which suits your needs best:

Cherry Picker Hire

It is common for boom lifts to be called cherry pickers, as they enable workers to heights previously unimaginable. This MEWP raises a box platform, and a worker stands in it while it is raised. The box’s sides ensure that the contents or worker doesn’t fall out.

Trailer Mount Booms Rental

The portability of trailer-mounted boom lifts makes them particularly popular. The advantage of this is that they enable companies to cover a wide area of work with only one trailer. Many companies like to pick up their trailer mount from our locations, but we also offer delivery services.

Scissor Lifts Hire

These lifts are designed to offer linear, direct transportation. They work better in narrow scenarios, such as when a worker is needed in a narrow aisle in a warehouse. Stock takers are very fond of these machines, for example.

Low-Level Access Hire

For smaller jobs, Push Around Verticals (PAVs) are ideal. With a reach of up to five metres, they are easily handled, light, and pushed from one job to another. Compared to ladders and scaffold towers, they offer a greater level of safety. The machines can fit into most elevators and work on upper floors due to their small footprint. Typically, PAVs are used in multiple units side-by-side to allow for greater productivity.

AWP – Aerial Platform Hire

In comparison to PAVs, aerial platforms provide almost twice as much height. These handy powered access platforms can reach up to thirteen metres, making them ideal for jobs that require a high reach and fit through most doorways.

Mast Lift Hire

Since many mast lifts are electrically powered, they are great for the environment. These devices are battery-operated, making them ideal for indoor use, such as stock picking and maintenance. Even better, these powered access lifts provide incredible efficiency for your employees since only one person is needed to operate them.

Our Process for MEWP Hire

Communicating with us is the first step towards a great relationship between us and your business. Let us know what you need, and we can hire the right MEWP to meet your height requirements and outreach requirements. 

Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the powered access hire company that we recommend for your company. We might recommend narrow width machines, diesels, electric scissor lifts, hybrids, and working platforms that can reach up to 21 metres working height for specific applications. Still, we need to contact you first to determine which of our MEWPS best suits you and your budget. 

Once everything is settled, you can get your thoroughly cleaned and safety-checked MEWP delivered within the next day. We even offer free site surveys, phone calls, and live so that we can better understand your needs and better meet them. 

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